Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

FAQ Sweet Little GirlCan you prescribe medication, if needed?

We do not prescribe medication, but will work with your physician to determine if medication should be part of your overall treatment.   We would prefer our clients seek alternatives to medication, and use psychopharmacology as a last resort.

When seeing children and adolescents, will the psychologist spend time with the parents as well as the child?

The psychologist will spend time with the parents and the child.  Generally, the younger the child, the more time is spent with the parents.  Very young children (i.e. 2-4 year olds) will often spend the bulk of the time together with the psychologist.

Does insurance generally pay for counseling/therapy?

Yes.  There are insurance plans that exclude mental health coverage, but there is expected to be equal coverage for medical health and mental health in the insurance market place soon.  Check with your insurance company to understand your mental health benefits.

How long do appointments usually last?

Typical appointments last 45-50 minutes.  Testing appointments may take more time.

Is the information shared in counseling confidential?

Yes.  Information is confidential as described under law.  There are a few exceptions, which include suspected abuse of a child or elder, a duty to warn if a client admits to impending harm of another, and clients that are suicidal.